Recent School Visits: Huntsville High, Lee High

The Chamber Foundation’s Workforce team is visiting schools to discuss the variety of options students have when it comes to career exploration in North Alabama.

Recently, Kent Ballard and Georgina Chapman visited the Freshman Academy at Huntsville High School during Career Day.  Ballard talked with students about being employable and the benefits of living here in Huntsville/Madison County. 

Kent Ballard Jr., M.Ed. speaks with students in the Freshman Academy at Huntsville High School. (Photo: Georgina Chapman)

The biggest question posed to students: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ballard encouraged the students to understand the correlation between the workplace and school by providing relevant examples in real-life scenarios. Kent also explained the benefits of during his visit, which helps outline different career paths and the steps you can take to get there.

Students asked great questions and learned about creating their free accounts on ASmartPlace and downloading the app.

Visit our career portal today.

Kent Ballard, Workforce Education Specialist, talks with students at Lee High School (Photo: Georgina Chapman)
Students at Lee High School, pictured with Kent Ballard and Georgina Chapman of the Chamber Foundation’s Workforce team. (Photo: Georgina Chapman)

In these photos, Ballard had a chance to reunite with some of his former students at Lee High School. He and Chapman partnered with Mrs. Johnita Romine to talk about ASmartPlace with the students. The students created accounts and were able to learn more about the Chamber’s career exploration tool.  We expect to be an asset to the local school systems, those looking for jobs in Huntsville, and employers looking for talent.