Visit with Co-op Students at Sparkman High School

Kent Ballard had an opportunity to deliver ASmartPlace information to more than 100 co-op students at Sparkman High School on March 5, 2019.

He discussed the benefits of the online resource and also encouraged them to finish their school year with their future in mind.  Kent emphasized: “This isn’t a time to slow down, but a time to run faster and harder as you approach the graduation stage.” Kent also invited them to Senior Sprint 2019 and explained the mission of the event.  This meeting was hosted by Mrs. Beverly Massa, a tenured teacher and Work Based Learning Instructor with Madison County Schools.

Kent also had the privilege to speak to an individual class and talk with a few students in the College and Career Center about their post-graduation plans and share the benefits of with Mrs. Dedra Muhammad, Sparkman High’s College and Career Counselor.