Cyber—it’s a buzz word when it comes to future jobs and workforce opportunities. North Alabama is showing its expertise by having nearly 20 cyber subject matter experts team up with to create CyberSmart, a 13-part learning module for students. As students and teachers create their free accounts on and navigate through the career navigation portal, they can also increase their skill learning with CyberSmart.

By watching a series of “Learn It” and “Watch It” videos, students will hear from community cyber reps who explain their jobs and what it took to purse their individual career paths. These experts will also share their knowledge on a variety of topics including: Essential Commands, Web Security & Privacy, Hacking Clouds, Social Engineering, Attack Analysis, Hacking Ethics and Laws, Background Programs, Doxing, and much more.

Students will be able to test their knowledge through a series of “Try It” activities made up of quizzes and online activities. When a student completes all 13 modules, they will earn a CyberSmart badge which will be automatically added to their ASmartPlace resume. With CyberSmart, the goal is for students to learn more about cybersecurity while also considering a cyber career! Stay tuned: CyberSmart is coming to this fall!

Big thanks to the following cyber reps for giving their time to take part in these CyberSmart interviews:

  • Mike Parvin, Cybersecurity Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Jacob Schreiber, Cybersecurity Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Angela Rittenbach, President & CEO, Riverstone Solutions Inc.
  • Dan Lambert, Vice President, Sentar Inc.
  • Jonathan Pettus, Director of Cybersecurity & Information Technology Solutions, Dynetics
  • Graham Foster, Director of Cybersecurity Research & Development, Davidson Technologies
  • Chrystal Hicks, Cybersecurity Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Adrianne Day, Chief Information Officer, US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center
  • Steve Pratt, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, Sentar Inc.
  • Judy Darwin, IT & Cybersecurity Business Specialist, All Points Logistics
  • Joel Rivera, Lead Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • LaTara Allen, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Specialist, Sentar Inc.
  • Jamaar Jackson, Senior Consultant (RMF/IA/A&A Specialist), Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Nick Thomas, Vice President of Cyber Security Programs, VikTech LLC
  • Kathryn Devine, Information Assurance Analyst, AEgis Technologies
  • Ira Lacy, Principal Cyber Security Analyst, SAIC
  • Ethan Severin, Associate Cybersecurity Engineer, SAIC
  • Quinlan Jones, UAH student interning with Northrop Grumman
  • Caleb Wong, UAH student interning with CCDC Aviation & Missile Center

And big thanks to Booz Allen Hamilton and Dynetics for sharing their facilities and allowing us to shoot interviews on location.