Career Prep Curriculum Kick-Off!

On July 31, 2019, the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber held its latest info session to kick-off ASmartPlace Career Prep Curriculum for educators & students. The curriculum includes 10 units complete with lessons, videos, and assessments for helping students navigate and decide their future careers. We’re excited about this new school year and all that can be accomplished!

The Huntsville/Madison County Chamber is proud to support our school systems, non-profit organizations, and the future workforce across North Alabama by providing a ASmartPlace Career Prep Curriculum that reflects the strengths and history of our region. Career Prep is a required course in the state of Alabama that focuses on four primary areas of instruction: Personal Discovery & Planning, Career Exploration, Financial Literacy, and Technological Skill Building and Integrations. The primary objective of ASmartPlace Career Prep is to guide students as they develop a solid foundation for their potential careers and assist them in making wise decisions as they approach high school graduation and beyond. Career Prep is a project-based learning (PBL) course that is accessible via and encourages the student to fully engage with the content and materials.