ASmartPlace on the Road- Auburn University!

ASmartPlace on the Road took a trip to Auburn University on October 17th to talk with their Samuel Ginn College of Engineering students and the Harbert College of Business students about career opportunities here in Huntsville/Madison County.

We had 30 employers attend, and our employers featured some of the largest, and fastest-growing, tech companies in the world. The event was co-sponsored by the Harbert College of Business and Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, but all students were welcome. The event’s purpose was not only to provide networking opportunities for students with recruiters from companies, but to also showcase the Greater Huntsville region as an attractive potential career landing spot for future graduates. Our Workforce Recruitment Director Katelyn Sides Baker gave a presentation to a room full of more than 180 students about 10 Reasons to Move to Huntsville.

It was a great day on The Plains!🐅🦅🌳 A recap video produced by Auburn University can be seen here